Over the years we have learned one thing to be true in our area... water is an issue for most lawns in the Triad!


Whether you have standing water or areas that pool during heavy rains, you may be suprised what a simple adjustment and redirection can do.


Often with new construction homes, drainage is a huge issue. Water in your yard breeds mosquitos and can cause root rot and damage to surronding plants and even to your foundation. 


With a few simple steps, we can turn your water issue into a water feature! 


Pictured here is a new construction home that is down a slight hill, therefore, the rain would run off the street, down the hill, and leave the sidewalk and flat area of the lawn soaking wet - we were able to redirect the water and capture it organically while providing curb appeal and (when it rains) a beautiful, natural water feature.  Dry creek beds are growing in popularity in our area which is why we have spent time educating ourselves on materials and their best use. Engineering water flow comes natural especially after years of fire department training and we are excited to now be one of the only dry creek bed designers and installers in the Triad!  


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